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Move the body, balance the mind

Highline Performance

Dramatic show of skill and talent. Inspirational presentation of accomplishment and the limits of human ability

Slackline Instruction

Clarity, focus, and confidence for complete beginners, the well-practiced, and slackline magicians alike

Rigging Consultation

Whether creating the worlds largest slackline park or your own backyard slackline, always trust in safety, security, and function

 Our Story

Our Story

Professional rigging, exceptional performance, effective instruction.

The Northern Edge Crews passion for achievement lies in actively understanding risk, utilizing tools and practices to eliminate risk, developing techniques to effectively manage abilities, and stepping forward on a path to reach the goal.

Founded to create the interactive experience of growth and development, Northern Edge Crew brings an awe-inspiring level of focus and balance into the grasp of all who reach for it. Through the use of creative movement, dynamic instruction, and compelling performance, the sky is the limit with human ability. We aim to demonstrate these possibilities in a way that inspires others to reach for greatness.

Its our belief that slacklining - balancing, walking, and honing all forms of movement on a dynamic webbing - is the most ideal form of human physical achievement. We aim to help others realize their ability for achievement as well.

Our Team

Our core team works with an international collection of performers to create the perfect event.
Bradley Duling
Bradley Duling
Project Manager, Rigger, Instructor
Søren Riis Andersen
Søren Riis Andersen
Performer, Instructor
Sonya Iverson
Sonya Iverson
Rigger, Instructor, Design

Featured Collaborations

The Northern Edge Crew is proud to work with some of the best movement organizations in the world.

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Latest news

  • Stowable Slackline A-frame

    LINK TO FABRICATION MANUAL (PDF) A few years ago, I designed a longline A-frame for Move Copenhagen festival. As I was putting the design together on my CAD program, I realized that it didn’t have to be completely fastened together, and that it could, in fact, be a completely solid A-frame while being very easy […]

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    Move Copenhagen 2016

    Like the past two years, in 2016 the Move Copenhagen slackline section was organized by Soren and Bradley of Northern Edge. Using the same permanent deadman anchors that were placed in 2015, we once again revived the largest man made slackline park for this week of movement workshops. In addition to the slacklines, Bradley designed […]

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  • Bella Sky Highline Performance

    In June, 2015, the Northern Edge Crew rigged a highline between the towers of the Marriott Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of Gadeidraet’s Day. This event was televised live on two national media channels and published in various print media, with a total reach of 3.9 million viewers across Denmark. The line […]

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    Move Copenhagen 2015

    Northern Edge leads the slackline volunteers group at Move Copenhagen every year. In 2015, we designed and installed a permanent anchor system to create a more sustainable slackline park. With 30 cement anchors placed around the field, we are able to rig more than 50 slacklines without any trees and without the expense of moving […]

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  • Move Copenhagen 2014

    Bradley and Søren act as the coordinators for the slackline portion of Move Copenhagen. The slackline area for this festival is unique in that it happens on flat land with no trees. All of the slacklines are rigged in a field with man made anchors. In 2014, these anchors consisted of large lego-like blocks of […]

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